-i’m a junior at ball state university, studying photojournalism, graphic design, cornfields, and the art of loving where you’re at.

-i laugh a lot.

-i get ridiculously excited about popsicles.

-i wear shoes as infrequently as possible.

-if you’re looking for me…well, good luck. i wander.

-i have wild hair. no, really.

-travel is an obsession. travel+helping people, that’s my passion.

-i’ve been riding a dirtbike since i was 8. it’s still my favorite.

-coffee, black, and i’m a happy girl.

-the best memory of my life was when i walked the grand canyon, south rim to north rim, in a single day.

-i could eat pizza for every. single. meal. i love ordering pizza just so i can wake up to cold pizza for breakfast.

-i really, really love photographing.

-i am wildly blessed with an amazing family, incredible friends, unbelievable opportunities to travel, experience, and do what i love every day, all the time.

-i will laugh my entire way through your photo session.


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  1. Trish said,

    Your pictures are simply delightful! I have had such a great time glancing through them! I’m really excited to see more pictures you take in the future! Thanks for capturing so much of our life in the People of Praise lately! You have a real eye for unique beauty.

    God bless you!
    Love ya sister,

  2. Charlie. said,

    i love you and im soo happy that you are living out your dream in photography. 🙂 you’re going to have to teach me how to use my camera to its full potential sometime soon cuz i miss you! lol
    MWAH 🙂

  3. molly said,

    these are amaaazing 🙂 i can’t wait til camp when we can take tons of wonderful pictures with thw wonderful people we will see there!! you ARE coming, right?!
    miss you tons.

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